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Yi Li Shen

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wholesale Penis Enlargement-YI LI SHEN sex medicine chinese male penis enlargement pills 
made of rare medical herbal materials and various natural botanic and animal extract with ancient and modern famous formula of Kidney-Tonifying and Yang-Invigorating, processed by internationally advanced nano technique.
Proved repeated scientific experiments, it is free of any chemical element or hormone, and is of significant action. The multiple active growth factors can directly enter the dilated vessels in the cavernous body of penis to promote the genesis of testosterone and elongate and thicken penis, so as to effectively settle the problems of nondurable love making, prevent premature ejaculation, prolong the duration of love making, and improve life quality without causing any side or toxin effects such as dependence, reddish face, nausea and headache.
It not be affected by hypertension, heart diseases or alcohol, and is of good treatment effect on prostate diseases.
YI LI SHEN penis enlargement pills Ingredients:
Shorthorned Epimedium Herb, medlar, ginkgo leaf, acanthopanax, American ginseng, Eugenia pimenta, magnolia vine fruit, saffron, lotus from Tianshan Mountain.
Yi Li Shen sex pills Efficiencies: tonifying kidney, replenishing sperm, impotence, premature ejaculation, distress in the loins, deficiency of qi and blood, loss of spirit, and promoting the secondartary development of genital.
Indications: Act as testosterone substitution therapy for sexual function deterioration of men; Clamfit syndrome; chronic aplastic anemia.
Yi Li Shen sex pills Application: functional impotence, premature ejaculation, prostitutes caused by weakness of physical force; secondary impotence caused by diabetes.
Usage and dosage: Per oral, 1 pill 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. (Chewing up and taking it with boiled water may quicken and strengthen the effect.)
Precautions: Should be given carefully to young persons. Do not use is repeatedly in 24 hours. If erecting repeatedly or erecting without ejaculation, take cool boiled water to relieve it.
Storage: Airproof, cool and dry      
Yi Li Shen penis enlargement pills Specifications: 3500 mg*8 pills
Expiry date: 3 years

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