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In Europe there is a perception that all the genius of discovery and achievement are derived from the sublimation of sexual energy. In other words, sexual abstinence can inspire people's creativity, creating genius and Albert.

In Russia, people say, why Gogol can create impressive novel such as "Dead Souls," "Diary of a Madman" and the satirical comedy "imperial envoy" This monumental literary and artistic masterpiece, because he is a lifelong bachelor, had been the bitter celibacy.

And today's sexologists do not agree with this view,think that the reason why there are so many human inventions,scientific discoveries and literary masterpiece, in fact, precisely because of love, because the sex provide people with inexhaustible spiritual strength, and long-term sexual abstinence are very harmful to both men and women health.


So long time sexual abstinence exactly will cause people's what physical injuries?

Abstinence to women physical and psychological harm should not be underestimated

For women, long-term sexual abstinence can cause pelvic blood stasis, more susceptible to annex inflammation, ovarian go far gynecological inflammation. Women sex desire in their early sexual abstinence may increase, but after a few months of their sexual abstinence completely disappeared, and after resume their sexual arousal slow process.

During intercourse, due to vaginals ecretions decrease will feel painful, but can cause anorgasmia, someone will take a few months to recover its response orgasm ever. It is worth mentioning that the long-term abstinence can also lead to female psychology and behavior change.

There is information that the women who lack of sex often lose themselves in life, because they are often are vexed with unrealistic ideas. Abstinence women not only has sleep disorders, headaches and stomach cramps embolism, can also be a variety of neurological disorders in some women after two months of asexual life can appear nervous.

Abstinence women often secretly tears,because sometimes would trivia colleagues and neighbors could not understand and flies into a rage. More interestingly, they sometimes paranoid thinking, if they live in Western countries but also coincides with the presidential election, is likely to vote for the most radical parties and leaders.

Some studies shows long-term abstinencecomes to long-term health effects, such as prolonged absence of sex female rough skin, face and minimalist, easier to aging. Single men shorten the average life expectancy 12 years, while women can shorten the age of five.

These women are not only more susceptible to suffer pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological and breast cancer than the regular sex life women as high more than twice. Therefore, we must not underestimate the sexual abstinence brings physical and psychological damage woman!


Abstinence is a man impotent inseparable friends

Sexual mature men and women, sexual abstinence is unnatural. From a physiological point, all human organs should continue to carry out the necessary functional activities, otherwise, all nervous, endocrine and biochemical processes occurring in the body will be destroyed, make an organ or the whole body of people suffering disease. All the body's organs and their functional activity, of course, also the function of sexual organs and sexual activity. In this sense, the sexual abstinence is harmful to health.

Studies have shown that long-term sexual abstinence men experience more intense pain than women.

In the case of sexual abstinence, the man still frequent has sexual impulses, even more frequently, but this time the body sexual tension can not be released through normal sex life, especially in the long run can cause sexual organs and blood prostate chronic congestion stasis, eventually leading to the occurrence of prostatitis, such as those who have been suffering from prostatitis abstinence symptoms can be aggravated.

At the same time, long-term abstinence can also make male sexual performance decline, or even suffering from impotence,premature ejaculation embolism. Therefore, a very popular abroad saying:"Abstinence is a man impotent inseparable friends."

In addition, if abstinence men around the age of 25 years have a strong constitution, because after two weeks inabstinence brought about changes in sexual function can be quickly restored,such as the 30 to 35 year-old man interrupted sex life for months, is prone to premature ejaculation, impotence and the possibility of suffering will increase;

as 40-year-old man long-term abstinence is likely to result in impotence and other sexual dysfunction and often need to seek medical help; and 50 years of age men long-term abstinence, sexual function is more difficult to recover damages suffered as usual.

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