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10 Sex big rumor expose you absolutely can not think!

When it comes to sex, and I want to tell you, those things you are familiar, may have been rumors, so-called the rumors,and today I would like to share, most people thought that the overthrow of the concept. The truth is really stunned, to which we take a break in one fell swoop 10 sex myth.

1.the larger feet, the bigger brother?

In fact, as early as in 2002, the London Medical School has a study shows that feet and the size of penis has relation is unfounded.

2. Women too often have sex vagina will be relaxation?

In fact, the female vaginal muscles extremely flexible, it will automatically resume that firmness, so this statement is wrong.

3. masturbation is bad for your health?

In the 19th century, some people think that masturbation corollary madness, blindness and other issues. However, a medical study has pointed out that the right amount of masturbation for girls, can reduce the risk of the cervix infection, while for men, you can reduce the chance of suffering from prostate cancer. Remember is moderation. Anything overdo will have harm! 

4. eating certain foods aphrodisiac?

In fact, the food is not directly related to sex, and that everything is just the psychological effect of people. 

5. Men have porn idea every 7 seconds?

Earlier studies have shown that the average male sexual fantasy one day 19 times; while women are 10 times sexual fantasies. 

6. Having sex during menstrual period is safe?

Boys girls are sure to note that if the physiological period longer girls, ovulation and menstrual period overlaps, it is likely to lead to menstruation, it is possible to conceive. 

7. coitus interrupt us will not be pregnant?

Can not say never pregnant, statistics indicate that such methods of contraception only about 7 percent of the probability of success, and contrast, condoms contraceptive effect, compared with 98%. 

8. Only women have continuous orgasm?

This is not! Boys, as long as the moment before ejaculation himself suppressed, not sperm injection, it will be able to obtain a continuous orgasm pleasure through this way. 

9.G point really exist?

At present study of the project is still insufficient, and therefore can not draw any conclusions about this. 

10. penis size is important?

Generally the boys penis length is 14 cm,that is close to the length of the vagina, but also too long will cause female genital discomfort, so the size is not really important.


Married life frequency should be appropriate

Intercourse frequency is unique and individual. Frequency of sexual intercourse with a person age, physique,personality, occupation, climate, environment and emotion are closely related,and therefore, the number of married sexual life can not be mechanically with a number substantially to prescribe, but to both men and women according to specific circumstances make the appropriate adjustments.

If there is variety of original chronic diseases, married life once over, it is easy to relapse, it should be restrained. Therefore, do not blindly compare with others, it seems more than others, that it is over, no good, but according to their own experience to judge.

Early sexual intercourse, sexual desire is generally more intense, more sexual intercourse more often, usually 3 to 6 times a week, but everything has a degree, should not be too frequent, the two sides should take the next day's mental state as a criterion, if the two sides do not feel tired, I feel full of energy, strong and work, which represents a modest married life.

If appears lethargy, light headedness, loss of appetite, dizziness, palpitation and other phenomena, then overdone, even if strong sexual desire, should also be restrained.


Frequency of married life

1,40 to 50 years old

According to statistics, over 40-year-old woman is only less than one third will remain at least sexual intercourse once a week. The older woman is often keen to use vibrators and other sexual aids.

2,30 to 40 years old

According to statistics, during this period you enjoy the most climax of the people. more than half 30-year-old woman can achieve orgasm during intercourse.

3, 20 to 30 years old

According to statistics, this age about 13%people have intercourse every day, one-third intercourse more than once a week,more than half once a week. If you belong to "asexual," the group,please do not worry, 17% sisters like you.

Generally, 20 to 30 years age, sexual activity were flourishing, about 3 times a week; 31-40 years age, not more than 2 times per week; 41-50 years age about 4-6 per month times; 51-60 years age,about 2-3 times a month; after 60 years, into old age, should be at least a month to maintain more than 1 times.

This is the aggregate, each depending on the particular circumstances appropriate addition and subtraction. Under normal circumstances, but long-term, balanced and well maintained, even to the sixties and seventies do not suspended, cut off, so you can maintain a long-term sexual performance, marital life together.

Also pay attention to his own sexual feeling obtained. Harmonious, happy married life has a very good supporting role in the body's immunity, a good married life even more than an effective exercise can achieve greater benefits, so long as both sides do not feel tired the next day, married life is appropriate!

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