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Online wholesale USA  black gold male enhancement california buy sex pills sex Product Introduction:

USA black gold best male enhancement pills  is the latest yang-strengthening product for man developed by Ouhua Pharmacy, CA, USA.

Its effect is better than viagra. Without side effect, its main component is extract of Standakan that contains no chemical component. It has passed the test by USA FDA  to label as the reliable male enhancement product for man.

USA black gold male enhancement sex pills features:

1. The USA black gold is now popular around the world,as the best male impotence product, the main ingredient is the produced  in India plant called "Sandakan", it can stimulate kidney power in a very short  time.

2. 2009 USA  black gold pills has been identified by the American highest pharmaceutical authorities as assured male taking impotence product, without any side effects and drug dependence, is now exported to countries around the world.

3. Compared to the us prescription ED drugs,the use of natural plant synthetic, unique formula of USA black gold male enhancement pills, can promote  the penis blood reflux ,make  the body start producing natural hormone, increase testosterone secretion, thereby USA black gold sex pills can increase the length and hardness of the penis , improve sexual performance effectively.

Buy USA black gold sex pills Main Ingredients:

Sandakan extract(mainly produced in india) yellow cattle penis extract, starch and etc.

USA  black gold male sex pills benefits:

  • Extend the sex time more than double;
  • Increase Triple hardness;
  • Afterwards no sense of weakness, still energy ;
  • Pure Chinese herbal formula, without any side effects;
  • Research and developed by the US Califonia Ouhua  pharmacy,safe and high quality.

USA black gold pills suitable crowd:

Short of penis, impotence and lack of sperm, weak health, soreness of the waist and knees, dim eye sift and tinnitus. Neurasthenia and listlessness frequent micturition and urgent micturition, premature ejaculation, sexual disorder. Prostatitis and so no caused be deficiency of the kidney.

USA black gold pill Specification: 16 pills/bottle

Administration and Dosage:

30 minutes before sexual intercourse, half or complete one tablet for Asian user, 1-2 tablets for east european or south african users. Avoid excessively taking (better to take by chewing).

Shelf life: 3 years.

Storage: Air proof, cool and dry.

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