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All Terms & Conditions FAQ about wholesale ED male sex enhancement penis enlargement pills

Q:  do you offer samples of your products?

A:  yes,we offer samples,but we will charge you the shipping cost.

why we charge you the shipping cost?


1. our samples is free,but we only offer free samples to wholesaler,distributor. because we don't have so much finance support to offer everyone free samples.

2. At the first order,We can not judge which one is the real wholesaler or distributor. If you are a real wholesaler or distributor,for your first trial order,we also charge the shipping cost. but we will deduct the shipping cost of last samples order from your next new order or offer you the equivalent goods. 

In a word,if you are a sincere wholesaler,want to do long-term business with us, we will offer you the best price conditions.

Q:Are you a professional wholesaler of sex pills?

A: Yes, We are not only a professional sex pills wholesaler, but also a professional producer. We have our own factory and production lines, can offer OEM service. All of our manufacturing equipment is the most advanced,We have the most advanced and mature production technology,the safest natural raw material to ensure the high-quality production, long-term supply goods with the best and most competitive prices.

Q: Do you support mixed batch ?

A: Yes. We do not require the same product reach to a certain number, then offer the favorable price. We support a variety of products mixed batch,we will offer you more preferential policies according to the total number of mixed batch. And we also support small wholesale.

Q: Do you have safe and efficient shipping method ?

A: Yes.We have engaged in professional online wholesale for over ten years, We have rich experience in delivery, So all parcels have formal customs procedures. In accordance with national customs regulations, We declare reasonable value, customers do not need to pay extra customs duties. We have the safest efficient shipping method.

Q: How long it will take to deliver the order?

A: We arrange the shipment after confirming the order. And send you the tracking number, you could track the latest shipping information on the website. Usually 5-8 days you could get the goods, except the exceptional circumstances.

Q: How to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product ?

A: We have engaged in sex pills production wholesale for over ten years. We are the China's biggest and most professional wholesaler. We have a large number of customers around the world. We are committed to establish long-term cooperative relationship. Product quality is the key to acquire   long-term stability customers. So our product is created by repeated researches ,pass live tests, we can guarantee the quality and effectiveness.

Q: Are all of your products on the website?

A: No. Just some of our products on the website. If you can not find the product you need on our website, please contact us.

About order:

1.What is the minimum order quantity?

Most of the products minimum order quantity is 10 boxes.

2.About the order process.

At first,Please tell us about all the products you want.

And then,send email edgo.a@hotmail.com to us, we will check soon and then send the order information to you within 24 hours.

Third, after you receive our answer,confirm and agree to place the order,please pay soon and tell us the information .So that we could check your pay, and send the parcel to you in time, and then we will tell you the tracking number, so you could check online.

Q: What is the cause of ED? And can it be treated?

A: ED often caused by other health issues that can affect the flow of blood to the penis. No matter what the cause, treatment is usually effective. The common causes of ED are High Blood Pressure, High Chloesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Prostate Problems. The Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other berbal sex pills are beneficial to treat ED.

If you are willing to accept the treatment, the ED can be treated.

Q: What does the package look like? I do not want others to be aware of my privacy.

A: For your privacy,all orders ship in discreet packaging not mentioning the contents of the shipment.

Q: What if I didn't find the medication I need?

A: If you can't find the medication you need, pls  don't hesitate to email us or send us messages, we will try our best to help you .

Q: What would happen if I overdose?

A: Each medication should be taken very accurately and in strict accordance with the usage instructions or physician's prescription. Read the drug information leaflet before taking the medication. If you overdose you should immediately contact your local healthcare specialist

Q: Where do you ship from?

A:  We ship directly from the pharmaceutical factories.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A:  We ship to most countries of the world. Please contact our Customer Service Department to find out the available delivery options for your region.

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