Best premature ejaculation pills,anti premature ejaculation home treatment,best male sex pills for sale.

Best premature ejaculation pills,anti premature ejaculation home treatment,best male sex pills for sale.

The 6  methods anti- premature ejaculation,online buy wholesale best premature ejaculation sex pills for men,effective premature ejaculation home treatment.delay expert sex pills for sale now .

For patients with premature ejaculation, a positive attitude, between husband and wife to be considerate of each other, eliminate psychological tension and anxiety all factors, make the couple realize that sex is their common needs, and should be considered for different reasons to explore the most suitable method.

At the same time grasp some methods and sex techniques, the use of psychology, medicine, a variety of methods Comprehensive Treatment to remove the primary disease, the vast majority can self-recovery at home.

① Dodo - go method.

When men occurred ejaculation "consciousness", it should stop or reduce  the penis twitch amplitude and frequency in the vagina, and use some method of verbal communication or other distracting behavior can often dilute the sense of ejaculation, and then re-start the new round of the penis twitch, and repeat this process until both spouses are satisfied with ejaculation.

② increase ejaculation.

For younger patients, by increasing the frequency of ejaculation to prolong sex life, that is "more than once ejaculation law." Specific methods: the first method to take masturbation ejaculation, then sex. The second sex intercourse will be significantly delayed ejaculation, sex will not soon ejaculation,so as to achieve the purpose of prolong ejaculation time,increasing the frequency of sex practices and also "more than once ejaculation Law" have similar effect. But such methods are not suitable for sexual dysfunction in men and the overall state of health was declining trend in middle-aged men.

③ the use of condoms. Covering the head of the penis with a condom, it is not very strong stimulus received, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying ejaculation. If you are not satisfied with a condom, you can add another.

④ postural adjustments during sex.

Under normal circumstances, the sex position more for men up and women down,men in active position, substantial action to make it easier for male ejaculation, not only because men than women temperament more acute, but also in the kind of weight-bearing posture tends to increase male ejaculation central nervous system and spinal cord of muscle excitability.

If changing to  the posture:  men down and women up, or lateral position, so that men in a relaxed passive position, not only can fully mobilize the women's emotions, and to a lesser extent of the motion to delay male ejaculation, because the women  action are more often gentle and slow.

⑤ sedative therapy.

For slightly more severe illness patients can be sedated for treatment. 1 hour before sexual activity, sedation, or glans topical application of a topical anesthetic, efficiency close to 40%, but often affects sexual feelings and the quality of sex life of men.

⑥ improve the ability of the penis to stimulate tolerance.

Is achieved by a technique, in the case of the penis stimulated not ejaculation, re-establish a higher  ejaculation "threshold", so that the penis gradually tolerate strong sexual stimulation.

Through (best done by the wife) a variety of methods, continue to stimulate the penis, when having a feeling of ejaculation, Coronal base with both hands and squeezes 3-5 seconds, after 20-30 seconds allowing the sex drive and sense of urgency ejaculation diminished or disappeared; or you can use both hands pulling down the testicles, can also reduce or eliminate sexual arousal and ejaculation urgency. Repeated later. Once a day, or 2-3 times per week, each lasting 20-30 minutes, continuous training for 3-6 months, will help to overcome premature ejaculation.

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