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Why men ejaculation buy no orgasm pleasure? a lot of factors affect it . the best buy natural premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction pills in Michigan USA to last longer in bed,buy best sex pills for men online to better enjoy sex .

Many people believe that a man's orgasm in the ejaculation moment, so do not bother to "business."

In fact, ejaculation and orgasm are not directly related, there is not ejaculation then has orgasm. Of course, we believe that all men busy in bed for so long time, his greatest pleasure is to feel the pleasure of orgasm ejaculation, which is also a pleasure along with the advent of powerful ejaculation.

However, some men do not enjoy the sexual life of this pleasure ejaculation, without orgasm only ejaculation, just hard not enjoy, this frustrating and distressed.

Sex experts said that ejaculation and orgasm may not be related to, man can experience orgasm without discharge of semen, they do not have orgasm during ejaculation.

people ejaculation but no orgasm is not uncommon

Mr. Chen at the hospital, he had such a hiding something. high school had masturbation,it was normal, as long as there is a ejaculation then has strong orgasm, want to control not work, then I do not know when to start, when ejaculation nothing pleasure. Now 32 years old, he married 10 years, have no pleasure ejaculation, why?

Sexual medicine experts said that at present there are indeed many men will consult frigidity problem, and if the past is female "patent." For most men, the climax of pleasure and ejaculation occur simultaneously, so some people will misunderstand that men ejaculation is the climax.

In fact, these are two different reactions,but it just happened at the same time. Experts point out that ejaculation is the result of a series of muscle contractions, and not some people say is the climax of pleasure caused by ejaculation of semen.

In fact, a man's orgasm can be divided into grades, to get the best experience orgasm, it is recommended to start from the following aspects.

Perineal massage.

Men's testicles and perineum boundary between the buttocks. "Sexual pleasure Secrets," a book co-author Dr.Arlene Goldman, said this site is full of nerve endings, is very sensitive to external stimuli. Some of the men said the perineum is pressed, there will be multiple orgasm, because from the outside can stimulate the prostate through the perineum. Sex, female partner can place your finger on the partner site,pressed stimulation.

Kegel training.

Philadelphia clinical expert Alex Roby said Kegel pelvic floor muscle training is to group (love muscle) to contract exercise, to improve sexual performance of men and women is very helpful, if this part of the muscular, men might heart manipulation during sex, but also to enhance the intensity of orgasm. Robbie suggest that men can exercise the pelvic floor muscles used to straighten, put down the penis.

Delay orgasm.

A recent study in the journal "Sex Research" on the promotion of "climax edge" technique, which is a conscious delay climax until obtain the perfect, the most intense orgasm. The study found that when men come close to orgasm 90% level, you can stop, a little rest, and then again "sprint", then its final climax will be more intense.

Find male G-spot.

Men who also have G-spot: the prostate. Perineal massage can follow the above method, its external stimuli. In addition, there are some sensitive parts of the man, if the couple was interested, there are adventurous, you can go to explore and find out more male G-spot to enhance sexual pleasure .

Increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone helps men erect, and this male hormone to cheer their team in a man, or when blood surging TV drama will have.Athens military hospital study found that men at higher levels of testosterone in the blood,more intense orgasms. Therefore, before sex, some may wish to elevate testosterone levels of activity, such as brisk walking.

Hold the testicles.

Before men orgasm, the testicles will automatically lift close to the body, thereby increasing the force of the ejection. Thus, Goldman said: "When a man coming climax, gently hold the testicles will bring up a great stimulus to man."

Focus on bodily sensations.

Sometimes during sex, men will unconsciously take away, such as that their companion is how hot, memories of his most exciting Erotic seen. To get more orgasm, you should focus on bodily sensations, once focused, you will find your physical reaction will be very different.

Slow down breathing.

Goldman said: "Men can follow their breathing frequency insert and out" Find the rhythm, and then slow down breathing, until with thrusting action "with the resonance frequency." when the climax comes, will find that breathing became rapid,but still trying to slow breathing, because it would be a greater amount of blood flow and oxygen delivery to get the penis, so that more intense orgasm.

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