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100% All Natural plants extract

Fast Acting

Gold 5000 * No Headache

Long Lasting

1 Capsule for 7 Days

5 Extreme

Sex Drive* Stamina* Pleasure* Hardness* BetterSelf-Esteem

Powerful Erection


       OrgaZEN Gold 5000 Male Sexual Stimulant Pill Maximize:

  •      SexDrive
  •      Stamina
  •       Pleasure
  •       Hardness
  •       BetterSelf-Esteem


Suggested Use of OrgaZEN Gold 5000 Male Sexual Stimulant Pill :

As a dietary supplement take one capsule 60minutes prior to sexual activity with water.


Do not use more than one capsule every 60 hours.


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OrgaZEN Gold 5000  Ingredients  Supplement Facts:

  • Amount Per Serving:              1000 mg
  • Epimedium Sagitatum            280 mg
  • Saw Palmetto                            200 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract        100 mg
  • Cnidium Monnieri Extract         100mg
  • Damiana Extract                        100 mg
  • L-Arginine                                   100 mg
  • Vitamin E                                         60 IU
  • Vitamin B1                                     20 mg
  • Vitamin B2                                    20 mg
  • Vitamin B6                                   20 mg


These statements have not been evaluated by theFood and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure, or prevent any disease.


Cheap OrgaZEN Gold 5000 Male Sexual Stimulant Pillis one of the best, or the best Prostate Improvement available for men whosuffer from Prostate or other such ailments. best ED medication (Erectile dysfunction pills ).



We are not the makers of these pills. Eachherbal enhancer has different effects for different individuals based on workhabit, body type and size, age, daily activities, life style and even food! Werecommend starting with a sample pill if you do not know or have not triedthese before. This is why there are different kinds of pills in the market.


Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.


Try these steps if pills don't work:

       Addone extra hour to the recommended hour(s) that the pill must be taken prior tothe activity.

       Takepills on an almost empty stomach and eat very lightly afterwards.

       Ifyou have a full stomach, there will be more blood circulating in your digestivesystem rather than where you need it to be during the intercourse.

       Drinklots of water, 12 to 25 ounces at least.

       Foreplayis very important, longer foreplay prepares the body and increases bloodcirculation.

       Don'tstress about it!

       Relaxthe muscles! Stiff muscles will reduce the blood flow which leads to prematureejaculation.

       Theseare only suggestions and not medical advise and should be treated only assuggestions.

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