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Talking about sexual healthcare, we usually think of a woman's physiological health knowledge, but in recent years many men suffering from various physical ailments, which raises the concern of men increasing the intensity of their own health.

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Today, we work together to talk about the man's physiological healthcare knowledge.

Male physical healthcare have to Know

Point 1:

There are many people at the time of erection, the penis will bend a little, but the degree varies, and some will be bent up and down, and some will be left or right, this is definitely not what abilities or blame disease, but if it does not cause discomfort or not impede your sexual activity is already normal.

Point 2:

Normally men would use what criteria to measure their manhood? Muscles, strength, or the length of the penis? In fact,Asians penis is almost the same, after erection is about 10-15 cm. In fact,sexuality is not associated with penis length. the so-called "short finerods," Some of them seem very majestic, but the original look useless, sore member "Do Taoist short, do not have long-hyun."

Point 3:

Time of sperm produced takes about 90-116 days, and can survive in the vagina or cervix for 72 hours.

Point 4:

The penis is mostly caused by a cavernous,covered with a layer of the epidermis, when sexual excitement that will cavernous congestion, which is called the "erection."

Point 5:

For some men, it can be their dream goals to quite a bit longer, some people will also use the length of straighten time for comparison, in fact, quite too long it will cause no harms, because penile erection for too long and did not subside, will not only make you enjoy sexual pleasure, but also make you feel miserable.

Point 6:

Do not to extend the time of erection and stop him ejaculation, and put rubber band or strap on the penis, it most likely will make blood clots, resulting in penile tissue necrosis.

Point 7:

In certain cases, if the penis by a violent crash will broken. When penile fracture, a loud noise, and the blood will flow to the surrounding tissue, so it is extremely painful, it is best to quickly sent him to hospital for treatment.

Point 8:

In fact, when women vaginal few lubrication and you are forced entry; actions are too intense, then not only will make the woman feel infinite pain, may also cause you to make the foreskin laceration.While this foreskin will heal on their own, but you need to suture the wound if it is too severe.

Point 9:

There are no problems between you and him?In fact, for ten to twenty-year-old young man, it is not surprising for premature ejaculation, this may be caused by his lack of experience, too excited, nervousor anxiety. Try to wear a condom; it can reduce the sensitivity of the penis,and to prolong intercourse time to meet everyone's needs.

Point 10:

When he / your inflammation of the testicles, penis flows out of white or yellow discharge, pain when urinating feel uncomfortable or anal secretions out of stimulation, it should immediately stop sexual activity, because above all manifestations can show you / he may be suffering from venereal disease, you should see a doctor immediately.

Point 11:

Do not think he is Superman or sexual thirsty, in fact, the average man at twenty years old sexual activity will be the peak, on average can be erect up to seven times per day!

Point 12:

Man also has G-spot, try to touch where located behind the testicles close to the anus perineum, when you gently touch the"sensitive areas", he will feel very comfortable!

Point 13:

More than ninety percent of patients with impotence are caused by psychological factors , only in small part due to physiological factors, including genital disease, age, surgery and so on ......

Point 14:

Although wearing tight jeans or very fit underwear may be look better, but it is on the point of no benefit. Testicular temperature is too high to damage sperm manufacturing, wear "big pants" let "him" breathe it!

Point 15:

Although the testicles hang out will be very easy to get hurt, but because you want to maintain a lower temperature to maintain the environment to produce sperm, the testicles if distorted or impact can impede blood inside delivery, resulting in testicular tissue necrosis.

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