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Harmonious married life, the day will be more enjoyable. I believe most people have seen porn film, the actor hard and prolonged length is really impressive, but the actress seemed to groan convey that excitement. Then we often have a misconception, the greater the little brother of the man, a woman's orgasm will be faster the more lasting. Is it really?

"Little brother" bigger is better?

Many men believe that "little brother" grew bigger and bigger is more easily to make partner achieve orgasm. However, male experts say, men actually do not too concerned about the length, hardness is the most basic elements in the male sex life, if the penis is not fully hard up, both men and women are difficult to obtain satisfactory sex. 

In fact, a man's sexuality is mainly affected by male hormones. Also need a sound psychological, normal nerves reflexes,the blood circulatory system and adequate knowledge about sex and sexual techniques, penis size is never a major factor . 

Penis longer is better, or not enough to show that they have a strong sexuality. But.. "penis with the ears, nose,is a human organ, but because of the growing parts of different functions, they often let men have a misconception that the penis bigger the better, the longer the better, or not enough to show that they have relatively strong sexuality,but who would think the longer the nose, the greater the ears, the more masculine men do? " 

Speaking on clinical male penis size,length misconceptions, physician Professor of Peking University, said: "In the clinic, the doctor was asked the most questions is, 'My penis is not long enough, and even his wife were disgusted with me , how can I do? I should do penis lengthening surgery? ' 

For women, the penis length is not simply to please their own, only to the degree of persistence and hard enough to make their own excitement. Heroes do not ask the size, just ask strength, a large to fu, but weak, still not like it. 

In the eyes of women,satisfacting"little brother," You know what size

In general, after the erection of the penis, more than 7 cm can meet the requirements. From the perspective of sexual satisfaction, penis size, length factors, its hardness is more important."

Female vaginal wall is rich of folds, strong ductility and elasticity, both male penis length, thickness, were able to adapt well. Moreover, easily lead to female orgasm,G spot is located at the front end of the vagina, urethra and bladder at the base, about 5 cm from the vaginal opening. Scientific investigation showed that after erection, China male penis average length of 13.4 centimeters, far to meet the needs of female sexual desire.

Therefore, when sex, no need to worry about the length of penis.

In fact, as long as penis size is within the normal physiological range, but also can erect, can have normal sex life. In addition, women's sexual satisfaction and penis size there is no relationship. 

Overseas research found that: a 7.5-9 cm erected penis average growth of 7.5 to 8 cm, nearly 100%; while another group of long penis (10 to 11.5 cm) after erection Growth 7-7.5 cm, an increase of only 70% .penis size is quite different  when weak, and once an erection, this difference is reduced. Therefore, man is not necessary to worry about penis size. 

Although your length is enough, but your hardness enough? Is this a question countless heroes, not erection, premature ejaculation etc. These problems are affecting the two feelings. Not a real tough guy appearance. 

Do you belong to a real "tough guy"?

Meet on relations between the sexes can bring emotional and psychological virtuous cycle, it makes men more confident,more cheerful woman. In a survey carried out by the company Pfizer China, most respondents said that the three most important factors that affect sexual satisfaction were: two sides into degree (41.8%), the hardness of the male sexorgans (38.6%), the degree of sexual harmony ( 36.9%). 

Experts, in addition to sexual gratification between partners, the male sex erection hardness is also a critical factor, direct impact on the woman's G spot (clitoris, labia minor a and vaginal outer approximately 1/3) to get squeezed , severity friction stimulation, is the climax of feeling driven elements of the woman.

Men's hardness is usually divided into four levels: Level 1, swollen but not hard, like soft tofu; grade 2, hard but not enough to insert, as skinned banana; grade 3, like the skin of a banana hardness enough to insert but not completely hard; 4, like cucumber, fully erect and hard, is truly ideal hardness.

Among them, 1,2 hardness belong to the category of ED. Most men have a hardness level 3, although the Class 3 and 4 erection level can complete sex life, but the two level are essentially different. When having the male erection hardness (four), men and women can really increase the pleasure and sexual satisfaction of both sides.


"Viagra" has been a hit, because it solves the problem of hardness, regardless of length. In addition, the hardness of the penis, able to directly reflect the male energetic, relaxed mood, sexual health and other appropriate information, for both sides to reach orgasm is also helpful.

However, the peak of erection hardness and sexual desire peak overlap, the highest possible 30 years old, then slowly decline, men should correctly understand this, not one-sided pursuit of hardness while ignoring the physiological basis.

Hardness is the proof of man's most basic standards, if not hard up, and the other is not important. Go to the hospital for check-ups often hear people say that the treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation treatment, the treatment of prostate and so the real men do not care about the penis height is too short , is quality.

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