Men's Plant–Root

Men's Plant–Root

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Wholesale MEN’S PLANT–ROOT chinese sex pills male sex enhancer reviews MEN’S PLANT–ROOT natural male sex pills for men,free shipping,free samples offered.
Oxide, guaranteeing the smooth muscle of male genitals which are fully relaxed, congestive heart rapidly runs into a state of sexual excitement,Men's Plant–Root chinese sex pills can quickly congest erection of the penis to increase stamina.
Men's Plant–Root male enhancement main ingredients:
Every sex pills of the plant root strong essence made by natural Chinese herbal medicine right from the development. Each 100 gr contains: 583mg (Pns) panax notoginseng, 260mg of crude polysaccharide, and radix codonopsitis, Twotooth Achyranthes Root, ginseng, Poria, and other valuable Chinese herbal medicine.
Natural Chinese herbal formula on body without any side effects. Panax notoginseng-smoothes the shortness of breath, spleen and lung gets better, against palpitation,shortness of breath, coughing, no aetite, empty cough asthma, less food defliciency.
Crude polysaccharide-crude polysaccharide’s effect is very high, Li Shizhen said: it contains nourishing vitamins, like a power of a bull. Very good for liver and kidney, the main effect is on rheumatism, if regularly take this product human body gets light, people will feel easiness.
Ginseng-Ginseng is one of valuable herbs in Chinese medicine, gives strength, vitality, there are a lot of medical values of ginseng. Best for less food deficiency, weakness, weak spleen and if men’s power in minimum. Poria-helps body feel comfortable, natural breathing ventila-tion gets back to work, supports the medicine which is focused on treating specially functions of the liver and spleen. It has a benefit that helps with anti-cancer, easy to drink water and best for spleen, heart function.

Recommended: 5 items in this box recommended to take in one course, rapidly, effectively improves impotence, prematures ejaculation, erectile not firm, sexual dysfunction, and so troubled by the overwhelming majority of male sexual dysfunction. It is better not to take with cold food, alcoholic drink and tobacco!

Men's Plant–Root china sex pills Usage : 30 minutes before sex to take one pill with warm boiled water, if sto take it not with treatment intention, one pill once in three days enough.
Men's Plant–Root male enhancement Specifications: 3000 mg/pills

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