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Many domestic and foreign male experts gathered together, around the male disease, infertility, birth a second child and other hot issues exchange and discussion.

The experts pointed out that the use of sildenafil and other PDE 5 inhibitors for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (ED), effect is remarkable, but to enhance the quality of breeding,infertility is also has great significance.

October 2015 release of "Chinese citizens Flirt literacy survey" showed that only 38% of China human living harmony sex life,and the urban population,at least 68 million men because ED can not enjoy"sex", to bring the family, Social enormous risks.

Since this year the state policy full liberalization of two children, gave birth to two children  family increased, but a lot of men's health issues has become a breeding family two children "stumbling block."

The President ,domestic male experts pointed out that either ED or infertility, patients face these problems should seek the formal channels medical treatment timely, the use of specialized treatment programs to help nurture a healthy baby, must not suffer in silence or biased folk "remedies."

In the interaction of environmental degradation, poor lifestyle and genetic factors, China infertile couples increased year by year. The main impact of infertility for two reasons, first, the male sperm quality is not high, and second female endometrial thickness is not normal.

Data show that: China about 10% of infertile married couples, half of which related to the male sperm.

The experts pointed out that the formation of sperm derived from the dialogue between cells and cells, if the body signal path without problems, you can quickly generate sperm; and the result of fewer sperm, weak sperm or no sperm, the problem lies in the signal path . The PDE5 inhibitors improve sperm health, the results surprising.

Studies have shown that sildenafil and other PED 5 inhibitors erectile dysfunction pills not only improve male genital blood vessel vasodilate condition, also can increase the testicular blood delivery and blood supply, and formed sperm by opening up the signal path, help sperm production and accelerate their swimming.

 The PDE5 inhibitor is added for freezing the sperm in liquid nitrogen, the viability of the sperm will increase three to five percentage points higher than the original.

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