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Wholesale chao jimengnan super powerful man tablets Chinese original herbal premature ejaculation pills make you last longer in bed,solve premature ejaculation etc male problem,no side effect,factory wholesale price


Detailed information about chao jimengnan super powerful man tablets:

Chao jimengnan premature ejaculation pills is made from purely natural raw materials by the latest complex nanometer extraction techniques and is highly refined and concentrated to have the natural raw materials well powdered. It is absorbed rapidly with prolonged period of effectiveness.

Chao jimengnan tablet does not contain phamaceutical ingredients or any internationally prohibited substances. The product enhances vitality and vigour, resulting in enhanced performance.


What are the ingredients in Chao jimengnan super powerful man tabletsmale sex pills ?

Each Tablet contains extracts of: Epimedium 50mg, Rhemannia Root 50mg and Deer Root 50mg.

Chao jimengnan sex pills contains no illegal or medicinal agents, and has been available for years from herbal shops as well as pharmacies.

ChaoJimengnan Ingredients are all herbal, includes:Epimedium, Rehmannia and Deer Root, ant it is no side effects.


Chao jimengnan super powerful man tablets premature ejaculation pills benefits:

Eradicate impotence and premature ejaculation associated erectile problems,enhancing sexual desire and increasing libido, vitality and stamina.


Improves male sexual function,anti premature ejaculation herbal solution,achieve regular and prolonged stronger and harder erections.


It has become the most widely used all-natural remedy for impotence and erectile dysfunction. Many consider it to be the herbal alternative to Viagra.


Indications:To enhance vigour, viality and prolonged performance performance.

Dosage and directions for use:1-2 tablets daily when necessary 30 minutes before action or going to bed. You may also chew the tablet for quick absorption.

Chao jimengnan chinese herbal premature ejaculation pills reviews:

No side effects or product dependence have been preported.

Known symptoms of over-dosage:There are no known symptoms of overdose, but it is not advisable to take excessive dose each time.

Identification:Browm almond-shaped sweet –taking tablets.

Specification: 150mg*4 tablets/box

Storage instructions:Store below 25°C,well closed and in a dry place.Protect from light.

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Order from USA Colorado-CO Jefferson County, 2017-06-30 01:28:11
There is no side effects, the most important thing is not numb, inserted has the same as usual feeling, that is,to reduce the most sensitive place, the ejaculation is also delayed. Worth AAA praise

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