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Growth seems to be a the watershed of harmonious sexual life, it seems that after giving birth, the couple's sex life in terms of both quantity and quality have decreased, interest for sex will continue to decline, but this fact is not conducive to the men and women sexual health and marital relationship, then how to avoid such a situation?

Many couples before pregnancy has very harmonious sexual life, but after giving birth, suddenly found their sexual problem. Because women, breastfeeding as a result of hormonal changes, decreased libido, generally easy to understand, but the men after wife giving birth occur sexual disorder, they will be troublesome.

In fact, the clinical male sexual dysfunction because his wife gave birth is not uncommon, mainly the following reasons.

The first is side effects caused by a long time without sex. During pregnancy,the husband is busy taking care of his wife,ignore to attend their personal sexual problems, often repressed sexual desire. Even if the second trimester can have sex, but safe for the baby, most couples still "could save the province."

After birth,want to experience the sweet sex life while the sexual organs may "strike" again. Because sexual function follow the "use and disuse" theory, like a long time do not drive , it will be a rush at the beginning , easy to stall,the same.

Secondly, after giving birth, the couple is all child-centered, attention has focused on the children. When kids go to sleep, couples often feel exhausted, just want to fall asleep faster, but also uninterested in sex.

Finally, some psychological factors can also affect male sexual function, such as lack of his wife's "care", the psychological big gap  cause  erectile problems. In addition, worry pregnant again, the partner do not operate, family has the old, fear of affecting the child, also can cause erectile difficulties.

If having sexual issues after birth, should actively face, we can not escape, or it may influence couple relationship, but also a serious blow to the male erectile confidence.

In this case,  judgments based on the number of erectile problems, occasionally do not worry, you can try more, if each sex can not be completed, then need for regular treatment. It can also determined by the frequency of erections, such as the morning erection and normal nocturnal erections, often imply the disease is relatively light, may be mainly psychological factors.

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