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Treatment of premature ejaculation,Do not be misled by. Sometimes you need to buy Pennsylvania best sex pills,online buy usa sex pills for men,wholesale natural male enhancement pills , otc erectile dysfunction pills from ohio,ed drugs usa best wholesaler to help you, offer free samples service.

Premature ejaculation is widespread, with nearly a third outpatients with varying degrees of premature ejaculation.

Once met a tall, handsome young man, he and his girlfriend can be considered the perfect match, but has refused to intimacy, that he previously had several very unsuccessful sexual history,erection is no problem, the key is too fast ejaculate,just "put the gun" launched just blew. Consecutive several times, he no longer dared to try sex, because sometimes even seeing his girlfriend too excited then ejaculate.If it is not because the problem,has long been married. Moreover, it also seriously affected his work and life, in his words, "everything becomes a mess!"

As China traditionally comparative lack of sexual health education,a lot of people without the proper sex knowledge.

Many people after suffering premature ejaculation then formed a long-term psychological shadow; some believe that premature ejaculation has no drugs available and social isolation; some heard masturbation cause premature ejaculation, but have original sin so all day self-blame, unhappy; others suffer in silence, think unspeakable; there are unscrupulous hospital misled into believing that he has got prostatitis, and made both physically and mentally spent!


Lack of proper understanding,is common in premature ejaculation treatment.

There is a middle-aged patients,step in the door saying the following is uncomfortable, physical examination is completed,and then say a few words about fertility is not good, and asked how bad,prevarication, ask to be said sexual function is not good, asked him is the erection not normal or what, finally saying is not satisfied with the ejaculation,repeatedly asked to know the ejaculate time is fast, less than a minute.

I see a lot of patients with premature ejaculation,but get prostatitis treatment everywhere in the country, saw the doctor is telling its own frequency, urgency, urinary endless and so on, as well as styled, the first to be deceived treatment of prostatitis, and then proceeded to do the circumcision, and finally made a dorsal penile nerve transection, serious complications lead to erectile dysfunction, but premature ejaculation is as always, not only spent a lot of money wasted by the spirit,physical double damage, people distressed.

In fact, the majority of patients with premature ejaculation do not know there is cure for premature ejaculation, and the drug treatment works well.

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