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A very harmonious sex life can make the feelings between husband and wife more intense, but also allows the couple has a healthy body between husband and wife, but sometimes the feelings between husband and wife is not so harmonious, which requires everyone in the usual time to communicate more.

Before the communication need to understand the secrets of two sides can communicate better.

Secret one

Almost everyone masturbation, regardless of age or social status marital status. When harmonious sexual life is not so satisfied, that masturbation can help each other, in fact, is caressing each other's private parts. Of course, before caressing,it is best to apply some lubricating fluid, to ensure smooth moist and prevent pain.

Secret two

Despite sexual fantasies may be good, but once implemented, it is often disappointing. In this case, the expectation is  better than achieve . The best sex life is based on reality, true love and sincere exchanges. Love honesty is the guarantee of a healthy sex life.

Secret three

All men have sexual concerns in a given period, of course, this concern with increasing age increases. The brain or the heart does not affect the normal sex life. Not recognize this woman could have exerted enormous pressure on men. However, when the heart and brain functioning in a good relationship, it is always possible to overcome all challenges.

Secret four

Almost all women have disguised erotic excitement, as the pressure of our actions, women also has pressure. Only women can be disguised, while men could not disguise. Because a woman's lust and excitement is related with the heart and brain, passion, excitement is not always present.

This time, pretending to desire excitement compared to a conflict cause frustration, disappointment and may even be a relatively simple choice. Seemingly pretending is feasible, but the best is the sincere exchange with each other, support and recognition of the support and caring are really important. When husband and wife in good faith and acceptance of each other to develop a solid level, pretending to desire excitement is no longer needed.

Secret five

Most men and women each other to retain the sexual secrets. A typical situation is this: most people in the relationship, the development of the sex much faster than the emotional reveals .

Therefore, in those maintain a lasting relationship, sexual patterns often have the opportunity to have formed before discussing sexual behavior. Once the sexual mode determine, to discuss the change becomes more difficult, because we are very sensitive to each other's weaknesses.

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