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This is the good questions,just like you ask a man who is the most beautiful woman in the world. you will get all kinds of answers:some people will think Bingbing Fan is the prettiest,also other people will say Angelina Jolie is the most attractive. The same saying works to  the male enhancement pills. Don't have the so-called best male enhancer pills,only have the most suitable for you. Each person's age,physical body is all different, so different people need different male enhancement pill,meanwhile every kind of male enhancement pill suit for different people. then how to choose and buy the most suitable male enhancement products? our advice is: trying  to choose the all natural male enhancement pills. because all natural male enhancement pills has no side effects, this is an main trend at present.

Early about at five thousands years ago,chinese people found out that many animals,plants has all kinds magical effects to health care,medical treatment. About five hundreds years ago,china has a famous traditional chinese doctor,this doctor. through learned and interviewed many herb farmer, folk doctors, hunters, fishermen and other working people on the long-term and extensive, accumulated large amount of drugs knowledge,referred from all kinds of classical books to eight hundreds kinds,After long-term hard practice and research,lasted for decades and compiled a pharmaceutically masterpiece - Compendium of Materia Medica . this medical book in detail record about the magical functions of all animals and plants. those records is verified by the future generations in the later five hundreds years.

The ancient chinese emperor,he has more than hundred wives,some even has over 3 thousand.  the emperor is  longevous. their age is longer 50 percentage than the average age of other people. do you know why ? because the emperor has two kinds of doctor to help him. one is the healthcare doctor,who is responsible for the emperor's physical health, research and made healthcare products for him. the other one is the Private doctor, who is the best in the world, the emperor personal customized. they use all kinds of famous animals,plants to make one pill,chinese people called it " DAN ". this special " DAN " is used to enhance emperor's physical body and sexual ability. " DAN " is a mysterious name. In the past,its formula is highly confidential, but actually it is the chinese all natural herbal male enhancement pills. so the natural herbal male enhancement pills is equal to chinese Best male enhancement pills. 

According to real feedbacks from our clients,below is our most effective best all natural best male enhancement pills: African Black Ant,African Superman,BOSS,Germany Silver Sword,Golden Root Complex, dragon power etc.

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