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Wholesale African Black Ant Male Enhancement pills Sex Stimulate

This product can quickly elongate, thicken and enlarge the penis to effectively rescue you from short sexual intercourse time, take good therapeutic effect on preventing impotence and premature ejaculation, prolonging the time of sexual intercourse, treating endurable erection. It stays in the human body as long as 168 hours without causing side effects of dependence, it does not cause face flushing, cardioacceleration, nausea or headache. It does not affect heart diseases, hypertension or diabetes, it is of good therapeutic effect on prostate disease. Alcohol does not interfere with its therapeutic effect.

African black ant sex pills Main ingredients: saffron, caterpillar fungus, lotus, deer penis, Tibetan yak testis, fur seal penis, hippocampus, etc.

Indications: impotence, premature ejaculation, spontaneous emission, weak ejaculation, sexual disorder, sexual hypoesthesia, short and thin penis, myasthenia of limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, spontaneous sweating, night sweating, nocturia, prostatitis, and symtoms caused by deficiency of the kidney.

Administration and dosage: per oral. 1 pill before sleep. With warm boiled water.(for better effect, take 1 pill 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.) for daily health preservation, take 1 pill every 3 day

African Black Ant male enhancement Precaution:

 1. do not take overdose.

2. if the penis erects repeatedly or erects without ejaculation, take cool boiled water to relieve it

3. do not use is repeatedly in 24 hours

African Black Ant pills Package: 2800mg*6 pills

Expiry period: three years

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Levita Florida, Broward, Miami-Dade,, 2016-10-07 20:15:32
Received within the expected time, well special packaging, after try this african black ant male enhancement pills, did not have to pick hardness, endurance can be a good control to the two do not feel tired, did not appear suited to the reaction. Effective no side effects will come twice, three times to buy, look forward to buying more pills from you guys at best price! ! ! ! !

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