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Folk Traditionally, men to old age, it mean loss of libido and sexual dysfunction (impotence) problem, to which famous male experts Professor categorically denied, he said, age is not the only reason for impotence, impotence is caused by many factors.

Impotence in the crowd,including young people, but the prevalence of older people is higher; conversely,among the elderly sexual function normal people a lot , information shows that 70% of men in the age of 60 still has regular sex life, even in the 70-80 age group and 25% of people remain sexually active. Thus, we will certainly that older not ought to have impotence.

We can talk about the causes of impotence from Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine two aspects. Western believes that impotence is psychological, physical and social environment caused by three factors:

First, the psychological factors, including emotional stress, life stress, depression, anxiety and so on. Second,physiological factors, mainly a variety of disease factors:

1. Vascular diseases, including anything that might lead to decreased blood flow in the penis artery disease, such as atherosclerosis, high viscosity hyper lipidemia, peripheral vascular disease.

2. Endocrine disorders: mainly seen in diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, hypothalamic - pituitary abnormalities and primary gonadal dysfunction and other lead to a reduction of male hormones.

3. Neurological diseases: with neurological disorders make the brain not sensitive to sexual desire, and as expected to transfer to the penis.

4. Genitourinary diseases: such asorchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary and reproductive system surgery, such as transurethral resection of the prostate and the like.

5. Drug factors: long-term use of certain drugs such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, hypnotics and so on.

6.Other factors: such as urethral rupture,penile, testicular damage, the penis itself diseases.

Third, social and environmental factors,including marital relations is not harmony, noisy sex, excessive alcohol and tobacco.

From the view of Chinese medicine, the basic pathological changes of impotence is kidney, blood stasis, liver, phlegmfour factors. Young period with phlegm, blood stasis, stagnation of liver-based, followed by the kidney; old age with kidney, blood stasis based,and liver stagnation, phlegm followed. Expelling kidney, blood, liver, heat.

For impotence, I named it "penis stroke", because of its nature are the same as stroke. Stroke can cause people paralysis; stroke cause the penis not erect,weak, affecting sex life.

So impotence is a disease, and certainly no doubt. Young people suffering from impotence need treatment, the elderly suffering from impotence also need treatment. The idea that older people do not need to treat impotence is wrong.

It is no exaggeration to say that sexual function is a barometer of human health, and impotence are early signs of human aging, is a local sign of systemic disease, which prompted remind the man to pay attention to their physical condition, identify problems in time, not insensitive.

Turning the elderly male impotence treatment, for this disease, the doctor's treatment principle is three words:

1. Doctors do not knock on the door.Doctors can not go ask the patient's condition, the patient should take the initiative to come to the hospital to seek treatment.

2. Responsive. Doctors for impotence people to seek treatment, actively do everything possible to help, because it involves family happiness, social harmony etc. big problem.

3. Differential Treatment. Depending on the patient's condition, the use of "individualized" treatment,specifically treatment plan (the length of time varies), WM (depending on the condition formulated in select Western medicine), tackling the problem (need some immediate, some step by step) physically and mentally etc.

Speaking to the impotence prevention, like other diseases, impotence should also be based on prevention, including the following aspects:

1. Elderly men should feel comfortable, to eliminate the psychological anxiety, we should pay attention to discovering the advantages of his wife, and his wife often gentle, marital harmony, so as to achieve the desired effect.

2. Pay special attention to overcome the psychological vulnerability, many seniors intercourse as long as there is a failure, it will leave a shadow in heart, it is easy to repeat the same mistakes next time. So learn to overcome the psychological vulnerability, to believe in yourself, do some preparation ahead of time, maintain a good state.

3. Daily diet should eat more yang foods,such as seafood, lamb, dog meat, nuts, etc., quit alcohol limit to maintain a strong effort, to lay the foundation of the constitution.

4. Regular exercise, enhance physical fitness, so make a lot of impotence cases improved.

5. Aggressive treatment of primary disease,prevent these diseases cause sexual dysfunction; while on the drug problem to be cautious, to affect sexual function to follow doctor's orders to take drugs to minimize side effects of drugs.

Finally, cautioned that sex and life are losely related, it can be said to accompany human life. Sexual function and physical, is unable to save, which is used when you have to use. The elderly with increasing age, sex may be smaller, but never stopped. "Use and disuse," the truth also applies to sexual function.

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